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What we do

J Capital is a boutique aircraft finance company specialising in business jets. We offer a bespoke service that makes financing your jet simple and easy.  Our loans are fully asset backed – a unique and modern approach.

We are jet experts first, exclusively dealing in long and medium range business jets which gives us the market insight to save you money. We offer complete financing or refinancing packages to corporations and individuals anywhere in the world.

Knowing that the majority of high net worth individuals and companies wisely choose to finance their aircraft, J Capital cuts through the complexity of jet ownership. We guide you on financial, legal and operational matters through to the eventual disposal of your asset.

what we do
Why us?
why us

Purchasing and owning a business jet can be a daunting enterprise. At J Capital we streamline your approval avoiding the lengthy, invasive application process that is the norm with other lenders. Our specialist team has cultivated strong personal relationships with brokerage and operations partners to smooth the transaction from purchase to take off.

We provide timely turnaround on proposals, approvals and funding as well as the provision of operations services. We accurately and reliably value the aircraft, allowing us to craft financing solutions that keep your capital in your business while mitigating risks and tax exposure.

Our standardised legal and application procedures coupled with J Capital’s signature personal service means your transaction will be quick and hassle free.

Our clients

Our clients are companies and individuals who appreciate the leverage, liquidity and tax optimisation that J Capital offers in both established and emerging economies.

Our clients are referred from brokers or other satisfied customers. They are family office managers, aviation lawyers and consultants, as well as companies and individuals who have found the fast, transparent, turnkey solution they are searching for.

Our Clients

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